Visual To-Do

Visual To-Do is the to-do list app without a list. Instead it presents a graphical representation of your to-do list. Enabling you to see at a glance which tasks need attention today, what's going to need attention soon, and what's under control.

Over breakfast you check your phone to see a (silent) alert that you have two tasks due today. Slide it across to unlock the phone and open the app to see your circle of things to do. "Work" and "Birthdays" are both red (something is due). You pinch to zoom in on "Work" and see that the meeting to discuss your raise is today at 11am. (You'll get an audible reminder at 10:30, even if the app is no longer running). You also notice that your report to management has turned orange... it's due in two more days.

Zoom back out and check "Birthdays"... It's your cousin's birthday, so you shoot off a quick "Happy Birthday" email to your cousin and mark the task as finished. It will automatically recur again next year. Done.

From the top level you can already see that all your bills are under control because the whole group is green, so nothing due for at least two weeks. No need to even check inside. Relax. Enjoy the coffee. Your to-do list is managed.


Visual To-Do is also great for those important, but ongoing tasks that never seem to get done. Even though the task is not due for a long time, perhaps years, you can set it to remind you every few days that you need to take one step along the journey and do something towards it.

Even if you only take one step towards that big goal every week. You will eventually get there. And one year from now you will be at least 52 steps closer to the goal than you are now. (Which is probably 51 steps more than you made last year).

Visual To-Do gives you instant feedback at just a glance about the state of your list of things to do. Giving you peace of mind that everything is under control and you really haven't forgotten something important. And it's a great feeling as you mark things as finished and everything turns green (for "Under Control").

Redefine the way you manage lists of things to do, and finally start actually getting things done.


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