Not Just Words

A free Bible Search application written for Little Watchman.

    search for combinations using and, or, not  

    automatically searches for other forms of the search words

    search using an optional thesaurus to find verses you might not have thought of

    pray matches pray, prays, praying, prayer, prayers, prayed...

    search for a list of references

    restrict searches to certain books of the Bible

    copy search results to the clipboard for use in other apps

    view the verse in parallel in all the available versions at the same time

    supported Bibles WEB, KJV, ASV, LWT, Darby, Young



Version 3.0 now supports the Japanese Colloquial Version.
Search and display the Bible text in Kanji, hiragana or romaji. With or without spaces between words.
You can mark kanji as known or not. If not, they will have furigana or you can choose to have them replaced in the text with hiragana. (Depending on your Japanese level).


Making finding the verses easy to help you make the most of every opportunity



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