Kanji Writer for Beginners

Learning a language is about four skills. Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening.
To become fluent you need to balance all four skills.

Kanji Writer helps beginners practice the writing of the first 440 kanji learned in Japanese schools.
Stroke order is important, but Kanji Writer usually only requires you to get the kanji "pretty much right".

It's not about meticulous detail, it's about learning which kanji is which. Allowing you to move through the practise session quickly and fluently.

onyomi and kunyomi readings for 440 kanji
also practise writing over 1500 keywords using these kanji
almost 2000 cards all together
you can choose which individual cards are used in your drills

learn cards 10 at a time as you work through the whole pack
touch to peek at the answer
draw the kanji on the screen using Chinese Handwriting Keyboard
swipe right to go back if you need to recheck a card

Kanji Writer also handles the Japanese Kanji which are missing from the Chinese Handwriting enabling you to practice all of the first 440 kanji.

Regular practise and review is the only way to build your kanji knowledge.


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