Japanese Conversation through Dialogues

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This is a joint venture between Dependency and The Japan Page (www.thejapanshop.com) and it is a great app for anyone learning Japanese. But especially if you are not currently living in Japan.

One of the hardest things for students is getting exposure to native Japanese speakers who will speak at your level.


These apps let you choose your level, and they include hundreds of lines of dialogue which you can play, pause, repeat, and break down word by word.

each app contains about 50 dialogues with both male and female speakers
see and hear the vocabulary for every word of every line of every dialogue
more than 1000 sound files included in each app

learn at your own pace, repeating line by line, or word by word until you get it right

hide or show the romaji and/or English translation at the touch of a button

each line of dialog also has cultural notes to teach you the correct usage of expressions


take it with you wherever you go and practice whenever you have a moment

built for iPhone/iPod Touch and full screen for iPad in portrait or landscape

Learn to listen and to speak with native Japanese speakers.


Dependency's developers have 30 years of professional commercial software development experience. This isn't just a hobby for us, it's what we do for a living. So this app isn't free. But there is no advertising. And priced around the same as a good coffee, we think that is really great value for money.

Beginners    Upper Beginners

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