Feed Cloud

Reading your news or blogs using an RSS reader seems like a cool idea.

But then all you get is a list of article headers. And that leaves you with a lot of work in deciding which ones to read.


Feed Cloud consolidates your RSS feeds and analyses them looking for the key words. Then it builds a "Feed Cloud" description for you which shows you a summary of what the entire feed is about, and how many articles there are on each topic.


You can mark certain topics to be of interest to you and immediately you will see if there are any articles in the feed(s) which you might like to read.

One more tap of your finger, and you will have the list of just the articles which might interest you.


Then of course you will be able to read each one, just like you were in a browser, and including being able to play any embedded video or sound.



    •you can view the feeds one at a time or all consolidated together into one
   •swipe to move through all your feeds
   •swipe to move through all the articles you want to read


Spend your time actually reading the articles instead of wading through pages of titles trying to decide which ones might be of interest to you


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