1000 Kanji Flash Cards for Beginners

Actually, more than 2000 flash cards for learning the first 440 Japanese kanji.

    includes cards for the first 440 Japanese kanji
    learn an English meaning for each kanji
    learn onyomi and kunyomi readings for each kanji
    and over 1500 keywords which use only these kanji
    more than 2000 cards all together

    you can choose which individual cards are used in your drills
    get a card right and it's taken out, get it wrong and it's shuffled back in
    add cards 10 at a time as you work through the whole pack
    swipe left for the next card
    swipe down if you get the card wrong (to shuffle it back in)
    swipe right to go back if you need to recheck a card

Regular practise and review is the only way to build your kanji knowledge.


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